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Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features on your face. Whether you like your brows bold and straight or arched and whispy, no matter the shape microblading is a great way to enhance your look. This modern makeup treatment is semi-permanent. It offers a look that appears to be more natural unlike permanent makeup that can look like someone took a dark marker to your face. Microblading specialists have the training to make the strokes look like natural, real hairs.

Microblading specialist use a special tool while color pigment is implanted under a thin layer of the skin in the feathery, hair like strokes. This technique, if done properly, can last for up to 3 years. However, to keep your brows looking fresh and natural we recommend annual touch ups every few months.

The Benefits of Microblading

  • Fuller, thicker eyebrows. Microblading can give the appearance of a younger looking you
  • Waterproof and non-smudging
  • Semi-permanent, fades within 3 years
  • and more!

#1 Microblading Training in Metro Detroit

Interested in Microblading and thinking of getting a certification from the top training program in the area? MD Esthetics provides microblading, micropigmentation and lash lift training taught by our master Maya Darwiche. Maya is a certified PhiBrow Artist who has traveled all over Europe, Asia and the United States for her training.

At MD Esthetics we offer cosmetology professionals the knowledge, experience and skill through training, certification and apprenticeships in Michigan and across the US. Whether you would like personal, one-on-one training or prefer a smaller group class, our expert master trainer will teach you the skills you need to grow your business or even start your own venture in giving people in your area natural and stunning eyebrow enhancements.


Microblading Training: 3-Days

Eyebrow Microblading Certification from MD Esthetics - microblade-foundations

This program takes 3 days and is hands-on training. Our program is designed to meet the national 100-hour requirement for new permanent cosmetic artists. Microblading Foundations will discuss Facial Skin Physiology, Color Theory, Brow Design and Symmetry, Stoke Patterns and more!

There is no need for prior experience to enroll in this program.

Class Includes:

  • Certificate
  • Kit that services 20-40 clients
  • Unlimited support
  • Option to sit in future Microblading Foundations class for FREE
  • Work with live models
Price: $3,100

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Advanced Hair Strokes and Microshading

1-Day Microblading Training

Eyebrow Microblading Certification from MD Esthetics - microblade-one-day

Our Advanced Hair Strokes and Microshading is an intensive, 1-day workshop. This hands-on program is designed to expand your skills as a professional of permanent cosmetic makeup. Not only does this workship cover the most advanced hair stoke techniques, we also will train you to learn ombre shading by using both manual and digital machines!

Certification from Microblading Foundations Program & 1 year of permanent makeup experience.

Class Includes:

  • Certificate
  • Unlimited support
  • Work on live models
Price: $995

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Our programs designed by Maya introduce you to the world of microblading and master it so that you can become a professional microblading artist! Our classes are taught by the master herself and will teach you every aspect of microblading. From profiling clients to drawing and shading eyebrows, you will leave Maya's class with the confidence you need to start mastering the craft of microblading.

Maya Darwiche. has over 15 years in the beauty industry and has became Southeast Michigan's top microblading specialist after traveling around the world to master this specialty. She now passes her knowledge and skillet to her clients and students. She offers her training not only in Michigan but also nationwide. if your a salon owner or simply want to start your own microblading service, clients will love this unique solution to solve their eyebrow issues. Become the first in your area to offer this amazing service and stand above your competition by enrolling in our programs at MD Esthetics

Want to become a microblading specialist? Learn from the best at MD Esthetics. Give us a call today! We will happily answer any questions you may have.